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Guided Meditations

Opening And Using Sacred Space. Episode 1

HolisticJB June 15, 2020 344 1 5

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Opening Sacred Space

When we utilize and create Sacred Space we establish a safe, conducive environment and energy for our meditations and development. Opening and Using Shamanic Sacred Space also enables us to receive guidance from ancestors, from luminous beings, from nature and archetypes.

Expanding Our Luminous Energy Field.

We creating Sacred Space by utilizing the light and energies of the Soul Star, the eighth Chakra, which is found directly above Sahasrara the Crown, around 12 inches above the top of the head.

The Insights and guidance received are gained through using the energies of this chakra, and our personal Scared Space is amplified many times by expanding this radiant orb and resting within its protection.

The eighth chakra resides inside the Luminous Energy Field, outside the physical body. It is that part of us that is always one with God.

When we expand it like a crystal dome, we can actually sit within it and shield ourselves from the static of the world. Invoke sacred space with the greatest respect. Holding sacred space is like holding the tone of a single note. It must be true and clear for its quality to be pure.

When you are in the presence of a master shaman or a great spiritual teacher, you feel a difference inthe quality of the space. The energy is clean; there is magnetism in the room. It requires all of our love and intent, as well as practice, to hold sacred space for more than a few moments.

With practice, though, it becomes effortless. The space sustains itself. It is important to always close sacred space after you have completed your work.

1. Imagine your eighth chakra like a small radiant sun above your head.

2. Use your imagination to picture an orb the color of the rising sun.

3. Imagine its brilliance shimmering on the surface, rippling across it like waves, bathing you in orange and yellows.

4. Bring your hands over your chest into prayer pose.

5. Slowly raise your hands, still in prayer pose, until they are above your head.

6. Sense your fingertips entering the globe of the eighth chakra.

7. Sense how this spinning sun yields and opens to you.

8. Very slowly, like a peacock opening its fan, expand the circumference of this brilliant orb to envelop you by turning your palms outwards and extending your arms.

9. Bring your arms down until your hands touch the chair, and bask in the light of your eighth chakra.

10. Experience yourself within this luminous sphere. Sense the quiet and stillness that pervades this space.

11. Pay attention to your breathing. Follow your inhalation and then exhale slowly.

12. Explore the inside of this radiant orb with your awareness. What does the inner membrane feel like? This is the vessel that houses your soul in between incarnations.

13. When you have explored this space to your satisfaction, with arms outstretched bring your hands up slowly, like a peacock closing its fan, until you have gathered this luminous chakra again above your head.

14. Feel it glowing.

15. Bring your hands again over your chest to prayer pose to conclude the exercise.

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