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Guided Meditations

Meditation For Abundance and Chakra Balance.

HolisticJB July 10, 2020 223 5

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Meditation for Abundance and Balancing Chakras.

Starting at the top of your head, relax your scalp completely.

Feel the skin of your forehead and temples relax.

Allow your eye muscles to release, your jaw to soften, and let your ears, nose and chin, teeth tongue and gums relax.

Now, just let this peaceful feeling flow down your neck.

Feel it soothe your throat and dissolve any tension on contact as it glides down to your shoulders, upper arms, forearms, wrists and hands.

Let this peaceful sensation of relaxation begin to fill your torso. Feel it relax your chest, giving your heart more room to grow more expansive; more loving, giving and forgiving.

Soften your belly muscles and let this relaxation penetrate even deeper, releasing any tension from your internal organs.

Now let it wrap around you, enveloping you in love and peace as it softens all the back muscles all the way down to the base of the your spine. Continue to breathe in deep, fluid breaths.

Breathe in health, happiness and harmony, breathe out any tension, toxins, worries or disease, allowing anything that does not serve you to leave your body like a dark cloud.

Send this peaceful feeling into your hips and buttocks. Let it glide down your thighs, relaxing your legs completely as it flows down to your knees, calves, ankles and feet.

Allow any remaining tension from anywhere in your body to flow out your toes, leaving your whole body feeling very comfortable, peaceful and relaxed.

Continue to breathe deep relaxing breaths, feeling your belly rise on the inhale and fall on the exhale. Notice how the air feels cooler as you breathe in, and warmer as you breathe out.

Now, imagine a golden glowing ball of light about a foot above the crown of your head.

On an inhalation, breathe that light in through the top of your head through the centre line of your body, right down to the tailbone.

On the exhalation, breathe that light back up the way it came and out the top of your head. We’ll do this three times, to begin to balance and align your chakras.

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